Regional Executive Chef Tony Periquito

4   Oz. Italian Sausage
8   Oz. Rigatoni Pasta, cooked al dente
4-6 Oz. Chicken Stock
1   Oz. Arugula and Spinach
1   Oz. Diced Tomatoes
1   Oz. Butter
1/2 Oz. Black Olives
1   Oz. Crimini Mushrooms
1   Oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To taste
       Salt and Pepper

In a hot saute pan, add olive oil and heat until very hot. Add sausage and
cook until done. Add mushrooms, chicken stock, pasta, black olives and butter. Let reduce. Taste and adjust salt and pepper. Add arugula and spinach and diced tomatoes. Pasta should be well reduced and tossed constantly and should pick up a brownish color. Remove pasta from pan and place into serving dish. Add all ingredients over pasta.

Source:   levyrestaurants.com