Disney-MGM Studios Recipes

The Disney-MGM Studios is the home to cinema glamour and fabulous restaurants. Dine "at home" with mom, while watching a movie at the "drive-in", in little Italy or at an old Hollywood hot spot of the stars.

Recipes include:
* Alphabet Soup
* 50's Prime Time Fried Boursin Cheese  -  NEW 4/04
* Meatloaf & Mushroom Gravy
* Braised Beef Tips and Savory Grits
* Roast Beef Sandwich
* Chicken Pot Pie
* Hollywood & Vine Green Beans  -  NEW 4/04
* Bruschetta
* Rootbeer Sweet Potatoes
* Penne Bolognese
* Shrimp Carbonara
* Oyster Brie Soup
* Cobb Salad
* Grapefruit Cake

Now, serve up a meal like a *star* ... from Disney-MGM Studios!
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